Bible Correspondence Courses (2023)

FamilyNet provides, free of charge, Bible Correspondence Courses. If interested, please fill out enrollment form (Click Enroll Button). Multiple students are welcome, a separate form should be filled out for each student.

Color Codes: Red indicates a decrease from previous quarter (or year in Totals)

Green indicates an increase from previous quarter (or year in Totals)

2023 Statistics

Lessons sent out Prison inmates enrolled Certificates Issued Salvation Decisions Total Active Students
First Quarter 935 24 34 *1 **144
Sec. Quarter 799 29 31 0 95
Third Quarter 873 20 32 0 98
Fourth Quarter 605 20 19 0 94
Totals 3212 20 116 1 94

Students in 

We had students in Canada, India, Nigeria, St Kitts (West Indies), Zimbabwe and USA.

*A 15 year old girl from India get saved – to God be the glory!!!

** 10 online students

Lessons are sent out at No Charge to the participants. If you would like to have a part in our salvation / prison / Bible / teaching ministry, your tax deductible gift (US 501 (c)(3))  would be greatly appreciated! You can donate securely online with PayPal


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